Society is Enriched by Labor
My Urban Forest Project Submission: “Representation, Reforestation”
Tonight! Town Hall Meeting on Medical Marijuana in the District of Columbia
Chronicling One Century Ago – A Listing Of All The Daily American Newspapers Published In 1910 In The Chronicling America Collection
The 1910 Publication Calendar of the Washington Times from the Chronicling America Newspaper Collection [100 Year Old News]
The 1910 Publication Calendar of the Washington Herald from the Chronicling America Newspaper Collection [100 Year Old News]
The 1910 Publication Calendar of the San Francisco Call from the Chronicling America Newspaper Collection [100 Year Old News]
The 1910 Publication Calendar of the Palestine Daily Herald from the Chronicling America Newspaper Collection [100 Year Old News]
The 1910 Publication Calendar of the Padukah Evening Sun from the Chronicling America Newspaper Collection [100 Year Old News]
The 1910 Publication Calendar of the Ogden Standard from the Chronicling America Newspaper Collection [100 Year Old News]
The 1910 Publication Calendar of the New York Tribune from the Chronicling America Newspaper Collection [100 Year Old News]
The 1910 Publication Calendar of the New York Sun from the Chronicling America Newspaper Collection [100 Year Old News]
The 1910 Publication Calendar of the Los Angeles Herald from the Chronicling America Newspaper Collection [100 Year Old News]
The 1910 Publication Calendar of the Deseret Evening News from the Chronicling America Newspaper Collection [100 Year Old News]
The 1910 Publication Calendar of the Alexandria Gazette from the Chronicling America Newspaper Collection [100 Year Old News]
Why New YearÕs? Ð The Washington Herald, January 1st, 1910
A Holiday Present From Google: My First AdSense Check
51 Random Banners Now Greet Visitors
ALEXANDRIA AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – The Alexandria Gazette, June 9, 1909
STILL AFTER ALEXANDRIA – The Alexandria Gazette, June 5th, 1909
A Bill To Extend The Limits of the District of Columbia – The Alexandria Gazette, June 1, 1909
The Snow-Covered Washington, DC Area Is Today’s MODIS Satellite Image of the Day
Justice Stafford Eloquent on Washington: Past, Present, and Future – The Washington Herald, May 9th, 1909
Using IP Logs To Figure Out The Length Of A Talk
The Webpage For The City Council Of The District of Columbia’s “Special Committee on Statehood and Self-Determination” Is Now On-Line
Anxious To Come Back – The Washington Post, July 24, 1890
[Found Map] The 3rd District Police Station in Washington, DC
Photograph of when an innocent card game made me feel sad
Two Photographs of Park La Brea Quilt #3 on display at FRIEND REQUEST
Does Virginia Own Alexandria County? – The Washington Times, January 18, 1910
Girls, Girls Everywhere In Washington, But Not A Man To Wed – The Washington Times, July 12, 1908
New Facebook Group: Medical Marijuana Patients of the District of Columbia
The DC Colonist is now officially stock photo
Preview Video of the 2010 Cartographic Calendar [Color Edition]
15th Street on YouTube || North Meets South || A Game of Locational Awareness [part 2]
A brief note on the history of the Washington Times
What the Stars Tell of The Times – The Washington Times, February 9, 1896
2010 Cartographic Calendar [Color Edition]
2010 Cartographic Calendar [Black & White Edition]
Pat Buchanan Prefers To Be A Colonist. I Do Not. [YouTube Video Clip of MSNBC's Morning Joe Show]
Found Propaganda Map From The Oromo Liberation Front
YouTube Music Video of Nappy Riddem’s “One World Sovereignty”
A Projected Relief Park Map of the United States – The Washington Times, March 28, 1897
Darkness by George Gordon Byron (1816)
My Response To Today’s Washington Post Letter To The Editor By Ann Wass
The D.C. Colonist Is The Subject Of A Letter To The Editor In Today’s Washington Post
My Accidental Geography Submission “Gingerbread DC” Was Featured Today on StrangeMaps
Added to the Sidebar: Feedjit
Yesterday’s Horoscope
The D.C. Colonist is featured today’s The Reliable Source column in the Style Section of the Washington Post
WAMU Coverage of the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on the Federal Workforce, Postal Service and the District of Columbia hearing titled “Greater Autonomy for the Nation’s Capitol”
In The Studio Audience of the Al Jazeera English Show “Faultlines: Afghanistan”
My Record Cover Was Featured On Current TV Last Night
whereyouare / whereiam@ – A Satircal Election Map of Maine’s Vote on Same-Sex Marriage
“Welcome to my room” – A YouTube video showing my outdoor photo installation for Fotoweek DC
TAFT STIRS CAPITAL BY SUFFRAGE SPEECH – The New York Times, May 10th, 1909
A Diagrammatic Photograph Showing The American Warship, The Delaware, Blowing Up New York City
[FOUND MAP] The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein, The Younger (1533)
Randle Highlands VS Fort Dupont [Antique Overlay of an Anacostia Alternative Future]
YouTube Music Video of Gogol Bordello singing “Illumination” at the 2006 Leads Music Festival
YouTube Videos, Photos, and Newspaper Articles About American Farmers and Businessmen Planting Hemp Seeds at the DEA Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia
YouTube video of the Billionaires for Wealthcare singing “Public Option Annie” at yesterday’s AHIP conference in Washington, DC
[FOUND MAP] The Masthead Map of the San Mateo Item Newspaper
Washington Monument Quilt #2
The 2008 Washington, DC Orthophotography
WANT 20,000 SIGNERS – The Washington Post, November 16th, 1894
Squelched [A Sunday Comic from 1896]
[POSTPONED] Westminster Playground Art Exhibition
National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Quilt [COMMISSIONED MAP]
This Weekend: Westminster Playground Art Exhibition
The D.C. Statehood Vote – The Washington Post, November 20th, 1993
Tax Fairness for D.C. – The New York Times, October 30th, 1993
D.C. Statehood – The Washington Post, January 13th, 1993
Statehood for the District of Columbia – The Boston Globe, December 2nd, 1992
The State of Misgovernment – The New York Times, July 21st, 1992
Grant D.C. Residents Full Rights – The Oregonian, April 15th, 1992
The D.C. Plantation: Freedom Soon? – The New York Times, November 25th, 1991
Free the Government’s Plantation – The New York Times, October 6th, 1991
Statehood for the District of Columbia – The Minneapolis Star and Tribune, June 27th, 1987
Why Not Statehood for D.C. Citizens? – Seattle Times, May 11th, 1987
Prof. Gregory Favors It – The Washington Post, July 10th, 1883
Suffrage in the District – The Washington Post, January 24, 1880
District Representation – The Washington Post, January 22, 1879
The Localized Nationalism of Sports Jerseys
Timelapse YouTube Video of the Crowd at FiestaDC
Growing a Jaloro plant on my back deck – Part Five [The Second Harvest]
Map of Westminster Street NW in Washington, DC from 1921
Who Carries 8 Quarters? Photographs of the Wall Street Journal Newspaper Vending Machine Which Takes Credit Cards
The Scourge of this Summer’s Garden: Spider Mites
In the classroom #5 – Iceland Academy of the Arts
Map of Teacher Starting Salary vs. Annual Amount Spent on Inmates
Violent Crime In My Neighborhood Has Increased Over 100% in the Last Year
Photographs from Park(ing) Day DC 2009
Alfa Omega Tax Services….. a Change in Your Finances
5 More Random Banners Now ‘Greek’ Visitors
A Digital DŽrive Through On-Line Advertising
Removal of the Competitive Ad Filter [Selling Out Part Two]
Thinking About An Ideological Ad Filter For Google AdSense
Did you notice? I switched over to FeedBurner. Eh.
YouTube Video of Teabaggers Having A Rally On Astroturf
Holy Cow, This Cleaning Product Is Not Organic
As predicted, Russia Today continues to promote 9/11 Conspiracy Theories on the 8th Anniversary of 9/11
Three Photographs of Cara Ober’s exhibit “Love Letters” at Civilian Art Projects
Photographs of the Taxpayers March on Washington [PART THREE]
Photographs of the Taxpayers March on Washington [PART TWO]
Photographs of the Taxpayers March on Washington [PART ONE]
Photographs of Friday’s Opening Rally of the Taxpayers March on DC at CityCenterDC
Photos from the Metropolis Now! closing party at the Meridian International Center
Map Tattoo: The State of Maryland
Banner at Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan: “Care About Your Citizens / Healthcare For All, Now!”
Russia Today Is Paying Google To Promote The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Photograph Of The Daily Render On Two Computer Monitors
[Washington Times] CITIZEN JOURNALISM: D.C. Voters Eye 51st-State Status By Ann Loikow
Bright Felon: Autobiography And Cities By Kazim Ali Is Now Available
The Pentagon Timelapse Animated GIF (2001-2005)
40 Random Banners Now Greet You
YouTube Video From Rethink Afghanistan: What Does the Easter Bunny Know About Rethinking Afghanistan?
YouTube Video of an Arrest Last Night Outside of the 7-11 at 12th & U Street, NW, DC
Paragraph From “Poetry and Power” by John F. Kennedy [February 1964, The Atlantic]
The Mural Non-Controversy: From Edgewood to the Edge of the World Vs. ANC Commissioner Marshall Phillips
“NO” – Found Cartographic Typography
Google Reader’s Featured Reading Lists: Where are the rest of the newspaper journalists?
Participating in my Monthly Maps Sale in 3 Easy Steps
Map of the Indigenous Languages of North America
Photographs of a Major Laser in the Hallway [Timelapse Laser Painting]
[Commissioned Map] National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Quilt – Tessellation #4 / Drafts #7 & #8
Photographs from The Phillips Collection After 5 exhibition: “Sensory Remix: A Video-Art Collage”
[Commissioned Map] National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Quilt – Tessellation #3 / Drafts #5 & #6
Dear Either You Are Censoring Bloggers Or Your 3rd Party Widget Isn’t Working Properly
[Commissioned Map] National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Quilt – Tessellation #2 / Drafts #3 & #4
The Medicare Constitution – American Healthcare Reform Parodied from the UK’s NHS Constitution
[Commissioned] National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Quilt – Tessellation #1 / Drafts #1 & #2
The sign I posted outside of MTV’s Real World DC house is transcribed in today’s Washington Post
“You Are Probably Not Here” featured today on the front page of We Make Money Not Art
Signs of the Time: The Healthcare Hipster [OBAMA BRING BACK ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT]
The Infinite E-mail – An Artistic Potential Security Flaw in Apple’s Mail Application [Inbox Art]
Teki Latex dans un QR Code tee-shirt is illegally using my map “DC Stencil” for a Facebook advertisement
Charlie Chaplin’s speech in the The Great Dictator (1940)
Johnny Osbourne – Truths And Rights (1979)
Postmodern Cartography: You Are Probably Not Here
Photo of the Sandy Spring Friends School Quilt Printed on Polyester Fabric
[Commissioned Map] Sandy Spring Friends School Quilt
La Grisette by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Google Maps: Add the Contour Interval to the Legend of your Terrain maps
YouTube Video: Last Weekend in 25 Video Clips
I was on today’s 5pm newscast of WJLA ABC 7 concerning the 80 recent car break-ins & burglaries in my neighborhood
[Commissioned Map] Sandy Spring Friends School – Tessellation Five
[Commissioned Map] Sandy Spring Friends School – Tessellation Four
Growing a Jaloro plant on my back deck – Part Four
Photos from the Summer Harvest Celebration at Whipple Farms
Neda, Haile Selassie, and Rootz
[Commissioned Map] Sandy Spring Friends School – Tessellation Three
Growing a Jaloro plant on my back deck – Part Three
Urban Rainbow #2
No Requests: a t-shirt for DJs who don’t like to be bothered
[Commissioned Map] Sandy Spring Friends School – Tessellation Two
Urban Rainbow #1
[Found Maps] License Plate Maps of DC & Maryland at Artomatic 2009
Growing a Jaloro plant on my back deck – Part Two
[Commissioned Map] Sandy Spring Friends School – Tessellation One
A passive-agressive note to my Dear Neighbor in the English Basement
Before & After Aerial Photographs of Ground Zero in Nagasaki, Japan
[FOUND MAP] Dear WMATA, is it called the Hirshhorn Gallery or Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden?
Revisiting the Dupont Lenz Quilt Animation
Growing a Jaloro plant on my back deck – Part One
WETA’s Late-Night All-Access Programming Sponsored by the FBI
Dear Yahoo! & Navteq, it’s not the National Msm of the American Indian!
New Splash Page Graphic Added: “Come in. Don’t steal anything.”
Note to the cartographers at the New York Times: the Red Line goes into Maryland
[FOUND MAP] Isola d’Elba aka the Island of Elba
[Found Map] Topographic window sign at Current Lounge & Sushi Restaurant
The Geospatial Art FAIL landing page resurfaces!
Unique Maps of Iraq in the Iraqi Embassy in Washington, DC
Timelapse YouTube Video of the 4th of July Fireworks in Washington, DC
Happy 4th of July, but remember…
[Closing Today] Photocartographies: Tattered Fragments of the Map
Changing Channels – Al Jazeera English begins broadcasting in Washington, DC
Signs of the Time: Michael Jackson
Metro Crash Quilt #2
Metro Crash Quilt
The aerial photography of the area around the Metro crash site contains a Metro train
Dreaming of being on the Metro then one hour & seventeen minutes later a Metro train crashes
Front Range Quilt #2
Front Range Quilt
My Brash poem from Artomatic 2009
Analyzing my Facebook friends social behavior through Google Reader
Malfunction Junction Offset
YouTube Video: “A Fly on the Wall at Artomatic”
I am mentioned in today’s Washington Post article “Artomatic ‘09: Survival Tips From an Expert”
A brief discussion about my IQ scores from 19 years ago
My Artomatic 2009 Opening Night Exhibit Dissected on Flickr
My own Coat of Arms, the Origin of the Stars & Stripes, and Hartburn, DC
YouTube video of the early years of Disco in the Washington / Baltimore area from 1976
A Navy Yard Perspective
My maps on display at Artomatic 2009
Be back in a bit…
The Craig Retroazimuthal Projection aka the Mecca Projection
Google Map Mashup: The Qibla Locator
[Update] The Architectural Athan Drum & Bass Mashup via YouTube Doubler is now transcribed
Obama can’t criticize Chavez on at least one issue
Fashion District Quilt #2
Fashion District Quilt
|| Upcoming Exhibition || Photocartographies: Tattered Fragments of the Map
Phoenix Quilt #2
A Response to Doug Feaver’s “Listening to the Dot-Commenters”
Phoenix Quilt
[DAILY LINKS] April 8th
Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton & Senator Joe Lieberman introduce a D.C. Statehood Bill
[DAILY LINKS] April 1st
Surveillance under Freedom
[DAILY LINKS] March 30th
[DAILY LINKS] March 30th
World Wildlife Fund’s Zoomorphic Fantasy Maps
YouTube videos of the “Do-Re-Me” dance in Antwerp’s Central Station
“A Haircut One Year In The Making” – A time-lapse YouTube video of my long-awaited haircut
[DAILY LINKS] March 24th
[DAILY LINKS] March 24th
A Gigapan of the 105 & 110 Quilt
A Gigapan of Erie Coke Corporation Eye
Erie Coke Corporation Eye
Erie Coke Corporation Quilt
[DAILY LINKS] March 20th
[DAILY LINKS] March 18th
Where did Google’s video rankings go?
[DAILY LINKS] March 17th
[DAILY LINKS] March 15th
[DAILY LINKS] March 14th
[DAILY LINKS] March 12th
The Daily Render Newsletter
[DAILY LINKS] March 11th
A Gigapan of West Sahara Lake Circles Quilt #2
[DAILY LINKS] March 10th
Today at Lafayette Park: YouTube Video of the Tibetan National Uprising Day Rally and SEIU’s Employee Free Choice Act rally
[DAILY LINKS] March 8th
False Positive Drug Tests Exposed [PART ONE, PART TWO, & PART THREE]
West Sahara Lake Circles Quilt #2
[DAILY LINKS] March 7th
[DAILY LINKS] March 6th
A Perpetual Calendar showing the day of any month corresponding to any day of the week, for the year 1775, to the year 2025
[DAILY LINKS] March 5th
West Sahara Lake Circles Quilt
YouTube Video of Landsat Satellite Images of Las Vegas (1984-2009)
What! A Bicycle Rifle? Yes?
Photos and a YouTube Video of the Capitol Climate Action at the Capitol Power Plant
[DAILY LINKS] March 2nd
Nixon Sends GIs Into Cambodia And An Inverted 1970 Map of Communist Controlled Laos and Cambodia
Thomas Jefferson’s Map of Washington from March 31st, 1791
[DAILY LINKS] February 26th
Harvard Quilt #3
[DAILY LINKS] February 25th
An Act for establishing the Temporary and Permanent seat of the Government of the United States
[DAILY LINKS] February 24th
[DAILY LINKS] February 23rd
December 21st, 2012, the 13th Baktun, and the flag of the District of Columbia
The Peters Projection advocated on the West Wing television show
Text of H.R. 259 – An act to retrocede the county of Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, to the State of Virginia
YouTube video of DC Colonists demonstrating at the first Nationals game at RFK Stadium
YouTube music video of Natalia Clavier’s “Azul”
“Let Us Now End American Colonialism” – A speech by Ernest Gruening delivered to the Delegates of the Alaska Constitutional Convention on November 9, 1955
[DAILY LINKS] February 15th
The 23rd Amendment – Time Magazine – March 31, 1961
[DAILY LINKS] February 14th
YouTube Music Video of Thievery Corporation’s “The Numbers Game” featuring Chuck Brown
[DAILY LINKS] February 12th
A Gigapan of the New York Public Library Quilt
[DAILY LINKS] February 11th
The D.C. Colonist receives a warm welcome from Senator Joe Lieberman at today’s Business Meeting of the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
[DAILY LINKS] February 11th
[DAILY LINKS] February 10th
[DAILY LINKS] January 18th through February 9th
Hey Google & YouTube, those are not my Senators! I have no Senators!
Hey Google & YouTube, that is not my Representative or Delegate!
Washington Post Video of last night’s Statehood Forum
Washington Metropolitan Area Residents for a 24 Hour Metro
Text of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871
Text of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801
Indirectly mentioned in today’s Washington Post
YouTube Video featuring the 6pm News Coverage Mashup of the 2009 DC House Voting Rights Act
Experimenting with infrequent blogging
Google FINALLY updates the imagery of Washington, DC and now you can kinda see the message on my rooftop
YouTube Video of my bicycle ride through I-395’s 3rd Street Tunnel after Barack Obama’s Inauguration
YouTube video of Former president George Bush booed at the Inauguration of Barack Obama
How I made it inside of the Silver ticket area at the 2009 Inauguration
Geoeye satellite image showing where I was located at the 2009 Inauguration of Barack Obama
YouTube videos from the DC Manifest Hope Gallery Party
Photos from the DC Manifest Hope Gallery Party
Interviewed on MSNBC this morning
Two photos from the We Are One concert on the National Mall
Welcome to DC, we have no vote, we have no voice.
SMSishing Scam – Continued
YouTube Video of Newschannel 8’s coverage of the “YES WE CAN – DC STATEHOOD NOW” poster
Georgetown Quilt #5
Plagiarizing the official Inaugural Map to include a political message
DC Mayor Adrian Fenty & Comedian Bill Cosby on Meet The Press
A short YouTube video from the “Let Gaza Live” demonstration
Yes We Can – DC Statehood Now!
YouTube Video of my first Barack Obama sighting in Washington, DC
Taking a break from blogging for most of the month
Time-lapse photograph of Mercury, Jupiter, and an airplane taking off
And so begins 2009…
Birds of Colorado: The Stellar’s Jay
Birds of Colorado: The Hairy Woodpecker
Birds of Colorado: The Pine Siskin
A slightly blurry view of Mount Princeton from Buena Vista
A panoramic view of South Park & beyond
Elk outside of Rocky Mountain National Park
Photos from a frozen Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park
A cap cloud on the continental divide
Photo of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado
Ice Fishing on Lake Loveland
Free beer at the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado
Photos of Dorothy the neighborhood doe and her friendly herd
The 11 Mile Canyon Dam
View of the mountains from the tarmac at the Salt Lake City Airport
[FOUND MAP] New York City: The 51st State
The PointAbout 2009 Presidential Inauguration Mobile Application for iPhone & Blackberry
Timelapse Photography of the Apotheosis of Saint Louis and the exterior of the Saint Louis Art Museum
Saint Louis Art Museum Quilt
Adding my Shared Items from Google Reader as daily blog entries
4 Issues with my upgrade to Wordpress 2.7
YouTube Video of Saint Louis Buy Nothing Day 2002 by Aaron Michaels
Commission: Yankee Stadium Quilt
A roundup of videos from yesterday’s shoe demonstration outside of the White House
SMiShing Scam [UPDATE]
The American Flag in a 51 star configuration with one star removed
A Thank You Note to Muntazer al-Zaidi outside Busboys & Poets
The Geospatial Art FAIL Landing Page
Newark Quilt #2
Newark Quilt
Photograph of the ceiling inside of the Alhambra obtained from the Casselman Archive of Islamic and Mudejar Architecture in Spain
Geospatial art created by exploiting search engine aggregation algorithms
Eye 670 – A perspective of Interstate 670 in downtown Kansas City
Kansas City Quilt #2
Kansas City Quilt
Is the “search result sandwich” a flaw in Google’s custom search?
My DC license plate redesign was discussed today on the WAMU’s The Kojo Nnamdi Show
On page 149 of Experimental Geography: Radical Approaches to Landscape, Cartography, and Urbanism by Nato Thompson and Independent Curators International
Time-Lapse Video of the Conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and a Crescent Moon in Washington, DC
Astrophotography of the conjunction of the Crescent Moon, Venus, and Jupiter
Timelapse Astrophotography of Venus & Jupiter nearing their conjunction
Video on today’s Huffington Post
Short NASA video of the 2004 Transit of Venus
A Bike Above The Rest
YouTube video of the “Reclaim the Streets” demonstration [Summer 2001]
Found in the Grand Juxtaposition: I am not a terrorist in Tucson
An Odd DC Indymedia Edit
Found RSS Art in the Grand Juxtaposition
Stereocard of the Great Hall in the Vatican Library
In the December issue of QST Magazine
The Grand Juxtaposition website confuses Statehood with Voting Rights & Representation
Bird’s Eye views of Big Diomede, Russia
Tango in the DC Metro – YouTube Video of Federico Aubele’s “Tan Dificil”
What D.C. Statehood Would Mean To Black America – Ebony, October, 1990
A dual purpose QR-Code added to the splash page
Listed in the Art & Maps Resources on the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Map Library Website
Domespace Versus The Dymaxion House
The Singapore 18
Google Street View of Washington, DC suffers from out-dated imagery
Uncertified Election Results from Precinct #137 in Washington, DC
Jason Linkins 2008 Election Recap is up on the Huffington Post
Video of my vote at Precinct #137 in Washington, DC
Spam from presidential candidate John McCain: Make History Tomorrow
New videos are up on the Huffington Post – Foreign Correspondents Edition
Bird’s Eye View of Little Diomede, Alaska
The Washington Minarat – A poorly designed public service advertisement currently on Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority buses
She’s got the sole of the city with SWIMS galoshes
In the classroom #4 – The University of Auckland, Aotearoa
YouTube Video of Thievery Corporation’s Radio Retaliation
The microphone flag I designed makes an appearance
Assaulted in my neighborhood—- again.
The newest Vlogorrhea with Jason Linkins & Ana Marie Cox is now up on the Huffington Post
Change in America by Head-Roc featuring GODISHEUS International Funk Train aka The G.I.F.T
Geospatial Art in a box – The Anticipation
The National Archives Cross
Torturing Democracy – A PBS Documentary from the National Security Archive
YouTube Video of Cynthia McKinney on Al Jazeera’s Riz Extra show
You’re A Nation!
Self-Portrait with Sunburst Mirror
One Third Representation Flyer Posted Outside of Busboys & Poets
A View of a Partially Decorated Kitchen Wall
Illegal Popup Advertisement featuring John McCain
View of a House Party Censored By Colored Dots
Stickering Shepard Fairey’s “The Duality of Humanity” in Washington, DC
Third Party Presidential Ballot Access in the United States of America [updated]
Newest Commission: Shirlington Quilt
Hallway view of the first edition of the New & Arabesque Map of the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden
October Sunset
New York City Photo Series #6 – Looking at the southeastern skyline
New York City Photo Series #5 – One Worldwide Plaza
The Obligatory MySpace Birthday Screen Grab
New York City Photo Series #4 – Ludlow & Rivington
New York City Photo Series #3 – Corner of Rivington & Essex – Timelapse
New York City Photo Series #2 – Corner of Rivington & Essex
New York City Photo Series #1 – Economy Candy
Photo of my presentation at the New York Public Library
My New York Map Society Presentation at the New York Public Library
Ordered Today: A New & Arabesque Map of the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden
Saint Paul Quilt
Kiss My Art, Just Kiss It
The Geography of Personality Interactive Map
Video from the Art Whino Block Party @ the Adidas Store
Pondering Digital Existentialism Through Query
Radio Retaliation by Thievery Corporation is in stores today
Video of “Dub Prices” by Hutchy
Harvest Moon in Washington, DC Timelapse Video
Ordered Today: New York Public Library Quilt
Nearly Infinite Geographic Jest – A David Foster Wallace Reference
Gloria Immortalis Labore Parta
Federico Aubele’s Anthropomorphic Map of Panamericana
Interviews with Alex Jones at the DNC in Denver and other videos
Empirically demonstrating how voting can prove uniqueness
My Blaeu map to be featured in an upcoming magazine advertisement
The Precessional Pentagram of Venus
The Adidas World Map and the Adidas Map of the Western Hemisphere
QR Code on display at the Ralph Lauren store in Georgetown
Wasilla, Alaska is literally off the map, the Google Map that is
A New & Somewhat Accurate Map of the Tropic of Gemini and the Tropic of Sagittarius
Third Party Presidential Ballot Access in the United States of America
Protest videos from the first day of the RNC in St. Paul, Minnesota
Iraq Veterans Against the War Concert & March at the 2008 DNC
Two Huffington Post Interviews are up – Tim Daly, Rufus Wainwright, and Margaret Cho
A Polar Bear In Denver
A Black Bear in Rocky Mountain National Park
Democratic National Convention 2008 – Photos from Day Three
Democratic National Convention 2008 – Photos from Day Two
Democratic National Convention 2008 – Photos from Day One
My Weekend in Photos [8/22-8/24]
The Blogroll is back
Obama’s vice presidential selection is a slap in the face to every progressive American
Streetfilms comes to Washington, DC and checks out SmartBikeDC
La Bruja recites her poem “Be Who You Are”
A video of an American Goldfinch eating my sunflower’s seeds
Locking a bicycle high up in a tree stymies short thieves, but damages trees
A World Map Sign @ the A N M Market & Deli in the Atlas District
My map of the Pentagon to be featured in the “We Are Here” Map Archive in the touring exhibition “Experimental Geography” [2008-2010]
Bicycle ride home from the 18th Street Lounge in time-lapse
Tabvla Festorvm – Table of important Catholic dates from Opera Mathematica
Gregorius XIII – Pont(ifex) Opt(imus) Maximus / Anno Restituto MDLXXXII
Streetfilms: “Summer Streets 2008″ in New York City
OUROBOROS : A Sluggish Time-Lapse Short Video
A Ziploc Bag of Leftovers Overlooked
Photos from last night’s “Quart Bag” exhibition @ the Civilian Art Projects
Tonight: Quart Bag & a selection of screen grabs featuring my bag
The Vicissitude of the Seasons Explained
The Mad Decent Block Party Video
Al Franken draws a pretty good map of the United States; then sells it for $200
The Organization For Security And Cooperation In Europe Continues To Press The US Goverment on Full Congressional Representation for D.C. Residents
The Holy Ghost Explosion ["the Messiah" @ Church]
You Street on YouTube || East Meets West || A Game of Locational Awareness
Video of “Gas Prices” by Hutchy
Jupiter traveling through the night sky of Washington, DC
Meridian Hill Park Hexagon Tessellation
The Use of the Analemma – As explained around 1780
An interview on a bicycle conducted while riding through Amsterdam
Quart Bag: A Community Art Show at the Civilian Art Projects
Geospatial RSS Art & the RSS Monster
Hipster : The Dead End of Western Civilization By Douglas Haddow
Taco Bell Overcharges Vegetarians
Meridian Hill Park Quilt #4
Oh busy day…
Cartographic Clothing from Express
One year later and Google Maps has still not updated DC
FLIK International Movie Festival & Interactive Exhibit
24 Hours in Rocky Mountain National Park
National Harbor 2006 – A Quicktime Virtual Reality Environment
First Amendment Violation in Lafayette Park yesterday; ACLU contacted
Assaulted on my doorstep [2 hours after returning to DC]
YouTube Has Chosen For You! – Digital Scrapbooking Explicit Bipartisanship
This week is the four year anniversary of my geospatial art
The Millbank Penitentiary, the Tate Britain, and the Panopticon
New York Public Library Quilt
Dalai Lama: “If you have a Green Party I want to join it”
Definitely not Comcastic
Wale Versus WALL-E [via youtube doubler]
In Praise of a Contented Mind / My Mind to me a Kingdom is
The Trilingual Afghan Calendar
Madison Square Garden Quilt
The Dr. Bill Show!
Mark Your Calendars!
Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridge Quilt
Tonight! Art Party @ Capitol Hemp
My Brash Poem from Artomatic 2008
CurrentTV: Green On Green [feat. the 2008 Green Party Presidential Candidates]
Bicycle Freedom! [VŽlib' in DC]
DC Bicycle Registration Law to be Discontinued [Yeah!]
Cookn’ With Federico Aubele now available on iTunes
the Phoenix Mars Mission
A coded message in the last article from the Washington Post’s Linton Weeks
Face the (Corporate) Candidates on YouTube
My Artomatic 2008 Opening Night Exhibit Dissected on Flickr
DC Residents say they want full democracy, like New Delhi.
Tabvla Temporis [Semidiurni in fignis Borealibus / Australibus]
My Artomatic 2008 Top 100 by Floor
A New & Arabesque Map of the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden
24 on 14th – One Long Day on 14th by Graeme King
Hirshhorn Quilt
A sampling of Artomatic 2008 YouTube Videos
Blue Balls [Hexcode T-Shirt Humor]
Tag Galaxy [featuring Artomatic 2008 photos]
Experimenting with Facebook’s advertisement system [part 4 - Fvck Censorship]
Experimenting with Facebook’s advertisement system [part 3 - Twenty Phantom Women]
Experimenting with Facebook’s advertisement system [part 2 - Banned Ads]
Experimenting with Facebook’s advertisement system [part 1 - Basic Ads]
Swampoodle Quilt #3
Swampoodle Quilt #2
Exhibit Fly-Through in Reverse Slow-Motion @ Artomatic 2008
#006900 Party [that's Green Party in Hexadecimal Color Code]
Artomatic 2008 Opening Night
SloMo the Statehood Snail visits Swampoodle
the Artomatic Artist Catalog [PWND] – with updates
Swampoodle Quilt
What the Artomatic 2008 venue looked like in March of 2005
The Base Map Installation @ Artomatic
Taking a break….
Boston Common Quilt, revisited
North End Quilt #2
The Athan Drum & Bass Mashup via YouTube Doubler
QR Code Tessellation
another QR Code mistake
NBC Universal is co-opting the Green Party of the United States this Earth Day
North End Quilt
Visual Trace Route – I’m 42 hops from Google
Boston Financial District Quilt
Of (the Tartars) manners both good and bad (around 400 years ago)
Boston Common Quilt #2
Boston Common Quilt
Libertarians make a misguided political statement at the Jefferson Memorial
Rush hour bicycle traffic congestion in Copenhagen, Denmark
Streetfilms: Ciclovia in BogotÌÁ, Colombia
Then & Now Birds-Eye Views of the Westminster Neighborhood in Washington, DC [1884 & 2005]
YouTube Doubler [Scratch Slavery Revisited]
Geovisual QR Code
GPS Drawing in the new Mercedes advertisement
Animated Map Showing the History of New York City’s Subway System
The Yu Ji Tu map [1137] and a map of the distribution of Moslems in China [1922] via Rev. Claude L. Pickens, Jr.’s trip to northwest China [1936]
Germany’s Green Party opens chapter in Washington, DC
The first Artomatic prints have arrived
Saint Louis Lenz Animation
Globe Graffiti – Continued
World Vision : You can’t ignore child labor
D.C. to get it’s first hemp store: Capitol Hemp
Saint Louis Quilt #5
Memphis Cross
The maps on Google Analytics suffer from Washington, DC’s exclusion
Saint Louis Quilt #4
Remedia Amoris / The Cure For Love by Ovid
The National Archives Experience: Digital Vaults, and a correction request
Astrophotography by Anthony Ayiomamitis – Analemma with the Parthenon
Albany Droste Quilt
National MSM of the American Indian on Google Maps; Why truncate the word Museum?
Hello Cherubs – A New Splash Page Graphic Added
Vassar Quilt Refraction
Vassar Quilt #2
Lost in a hairy bush? Use a map! – Or just a razor instead…
An anthropomorphic reflection on society
Antique Stained Glass Sundials
ARTOMATIC – 2008 is here and I will be participating for the first time
Vassar Quilt
Nexus – Facebook Application visually graphs friends and commonalities
Washington, DC Foreclosure Google Map Mashup
My first jury duty experience; Courthouse needs more art
Do X in Dildo [a historical linguistic anamoly from 1932]
Google Charts API now includes small maps, but leaves out Washington, DC.
Thievery Corporation 2006 Blurb Book by Rob Myers
Flight & Expulsion – An Interactive Flash Map by Christian Behrens
The 21 Steps by Charles Cumming – A story told through Google Maps
The National Gruntledness Index
Happy Nowruz !!
Youtube video of yesterday’s freeze-in at Union Station
Old-School Car Navigation System
Scott + Dupont Circle Quilt
Watching Google Crawl…
Brownsville Spheres
Pentagon Bans Google Map-Makers
the wildlife of an idea
Cambio de Vida
Welcome Robots and Strangers
White House Peace
Union Station Quilt #3
Globe Graffiti
ordered last week: New Blaeu
Scott Circle Quilt #2
Scott Circle Quilt
Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Starbucks
Federal Triangle Refraction
Digital Globe: Where did DC’s roads go?
Thats the Kurti…
Washington + Dupont Circle Quilt
Du Er Her
Washington Circle Quilt #2
In today’s Washington Jewish Weekly newspaper
Featured on-line with the Maps exhibition at the Walters Museum
Washington Circle Quilt
Photos from the PEACE NOW! exhibit at the Warehouse
87 & 280 Quilt #4
MySpace has fixed it’s front page—- 7 months later…
Spotting a Slovenian Splogger
Map of the Languages of Europe
Kaleidoscoop by Pieter Van den Dorpe
Upcoming exhibit: PEACE NOW!
87 & 280 Quilt #3
87 & 280 Quilt #2
A Weekly Digest (at times)
87 & 280 Quilt
Tidying up MySpace (and Friendster)
My vote verified by a paper ballot
The M&M’s of Australia say Vote Green
Poor Map Design: 5 Guys Famous Burgers & Fries
From Here to There in Google Maps
ordered today: Superdome Quilt #2 & Charlotte Spheres
The Mount Pleasant Cross
Before there was Google Earth, there was Keyhole
Poorly Plagiarized Biography
PHOTO: Thursday night at Napoleon
Charlotte Spheres #2
Charlotte Spheres
L (A) T T I T U D E S – February 21st, 2008
Submitted today: Lost in America’s Last Colony
The Rev. Dr. DJ Davidian will be in DC tonight
Audio from Teresa Mendez’s article in the Christian Science Monitor
Submitted today: American Stereography #3 [errr, #4 really]
Submitted today: Interactive Inequality #3
That Kid with the Maps [from Gwadzilla]
FOUND: Kurti
Popular GIS Slideshow by Chris Hammond-Thrasher [March 07]
a not-so-daily render year predicted
The Alphabet of Nations by They Might Be Giants
Federal Triangle Quilt #4
Federal Triangle Quilt #3
syndicated in Taiwan, San Francisco, Saint Louis, Austin, Little Rock, and Lincoln, Nebraska
ESL Music website upgrade
The first glimpse of Mercury’s horizon
Queremos Paz – Gotan Project
2008 Green Party Debate [tonight on KPFA]
Federal Triangle Quilt #2
Staring at the Sun in Stellarium
In the classroom #3 – University of California, Santa Barbara & the FBI’s public website in 2001
Federal Triangle Quilt
Mercury is nigh [flyby stimuli]
[Sunday Selections] Nickodemus DJ set from Power to the Peaceful Festival {9.8.07}
The Grand Design Lenz Quilt
6 Years of the Guantanamo Gulag
Curbed LA – Downtown Derricks
Messier 101 Mandala [birth/death of a star]
Carte du Telegraphe Optique [dans l'hexagone]
Tessellated Space
Syndicated in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution & ABC News
Getting to know Mr. SID
Oil Wells in Los Angeles 103 years ago [One Slick Overlay]
Cities & Nature is now available
Russell Weekes Map of the World (inverted)
Added by the Map Department at the Cambridge University Library
Comparative Front Pages: Washington Post / Philadelphia Inquirer
It’s been a nice break
taking a break until the new year
Ballwin Quilt #3
Ballwin Quilt #2
you are not here – splash page update #2
Moon Mars Conjunction
FOUND: Penis Route on the National Mall
Mount Holyoke Quilt #2
Mount Holyoke Quilt
To be hung at a local gallery:
Rochester Quilt #2
Birth of a City [Rochester,NY]
Rochester Quilt
Clayton Quilt #4
The art of Map Fest by Teresa Mendez – The Christian Science Monitor
Clayton Quilt #3
Clayton Quilt #2
you are not here – splash page update
Clayton Quilt
The New Brainland Map by Unit Seven
In the Map Collections of the British Library and..
Concentric Quilt Full
Within Sight of the White House [Overlay of Hooker's Division]
Concentric Quilt SE
Concentric Quilt SW
Concentric Quilt NE
Senegalese Rap + Map
The Dissected Map …continued
Concentric Quilt NW
Concentric Development Dissected
2008 Washington, DC Area Calendar
an accidentally dissected map
Seen in the night sky last week
DCCAH 2008 Young Artist Program Awardee
DŽcouvrir Carte Est Mort!
French parodies in parallax
(Mecca) is now Makkah
2008 California Calendar is now available
2008 Urban America Calendar is now available
Imagekind Curator’s Pick
2008 Urban America Calendar
2008 California Calendar
Stuyvesant Quilt #3
Stuyvesant Quilt #2
Stuyvesant Quilt
Mount Vernon Quilt #6
Mount Vernon Quilt #5
Mount Vernon Quilt #4
Mount Vernon Quilt #3
Mount Vernon Quilt #2
Mount Vernon Quilt
Silver Spring Quilt #3
Silver Spring Quilt #2
Silver Spring Quilt
In the classroom #2 – La Salle University
In the classroom #1 – Valparaiso University
What a difference a year makes….
A New Map of the Pentagon
Tycho Brahe’s Armillary Spheres
Holy See an Armillary Sphere?
Defining Space Conference : Dublin, Ireland : 10/11-10/13
Found Celestial Cartography
How to design a better user interface for geographic information?
The Pentagon Spheres
The Brandeis Brief
An updated Armillary Sphere
rejection #1
Pentagon Quilt #4
Pentagon Quilt #3
My first album cover: Thievery Corporation – “Supreme Illusion”
Los Alamitos Circle Quilt #3
1880 Street Railway Map of the City of Washington
Los Alamitos Circle Quilt #2
Los Alamitos Circle Quilt
Geospatial Art Palettes
A Wrinkle in Chicago
Dupont Circle Quilt 2005 #2
Logan Circle Quilt #2
Logan Circle Quilt
10 & 710 Quilt
Dia Labore
5 & 605 Quilt
60 & 710 Quilt
105 & 605 Quilt
91 & 605 Quilt
91 & 710 Quilt
Annapolis Quilt
91 & 110 Quilt
110 & 405 Quilt
Embedded Google Maps
710 & 105 Quilt
Orlando Quilt
105 & 110 Quilt
101 & 110 Quilt
5, 10, 60, & 101 Quilt
Indirectly referenced in the Sydney Morning News?
5 & 10 Quilt
Interchangable Earth
Terra Fermi
Adams Morgan Earth
The Astro-Theological Overlays for Google Earth
An Interactive Astrological Calendar from 1544 for Google Earth
An Updated Astrological Calendar from 1544 – Eastern Hemisphere
Backing up :: a status update
Des Moines Quilt
Dupont Lenz Quilt Animation
upcoming: Lenz Quilt Animation
My first YouTube Mash-up : Scratch Slavery
I-35W Bridge Quilt #2
“Ghost Cars” on the I-35W Bridge
I-35W Bridge Quilt
The Shanghai Map
10 & 110 Quilt
Jacksonville Quilt #2
Jacksonville Quilt
MyGoogleMaps : Google’s Censorship Perimeter
3D Buildings at the expense of newer imagery?
Racine Quilt #2
submitted today
Racine Quilt
710 & 405 Quilt
Enrico Fermi Nuclear Reactor Quilt
Google’s View of D.C. Melds New and Sharp, Old and Fuzzy – Washington Post
105 & 405 Quilt
Random Banners Now Greet You – continued
90 & 405 Quilt
Socio Ditata Labore – Revisited
10 & 405 Quilt
Kennedy Center Quilt
Dupont Circle Quilt 2005
U.S. Department of State Quilt
Lincoln Memorial Quilt 2005 #2
Lincoln Memorial Quilt 2005
A new change in Washington, DC’s imagery on Google’s servers
An Updated Astrological Calendar from 1544 – Western Hemisphere
Adams Morgan Quilt 2005 #8
Adams Morgan Quilt 2005 #7
Adams Morgan Quilt 2005 #6
Adams Morgan Quilt 2005 #5
Adams Morgan Quilt 2005 #4
Adams Morgan Quilt 2005 #3
Adams Morgan Quilt 2005 #2
Adams Morgan Quilt 2005
Geography & the Humanities Symposium Program Cover
Queen Anne Quilt
A New And Accurate Map of the World by John Speed [2007 Remix]
University of Texas at Austin Quilt #3
University of Texas at Austin Quilt #2
University of Texas at Austin Quilt
America as a Cloverleaf
UC Boulder Quilt #2
UC Boulder Quilt
Google StreetView I.E.D. – Blowing Up The Spot
Pearl Street Quilt #2
Pearl Street Quilt
Pornographic Tessellations
new project with Google’s Street View
Half Mile O’ Maps
Random Blog Entry Link Added To Menu
LOLMaps #51 – WARNING: contains geography not suitable for minors
A New Map of the Terraqueous Globe : according to the the Ancient discoveries and most general Divisions of Geospatial Art
TV Kultura mentions the last 4 years of my cartographic activities
FlickrVision 3D
new project
Darfur was on the map in 1858…
International Geographic: FlickrVision
Quadrant Map of DC – Translated into Latin – “Novus Columbus Quadrans”
enriching results
Society is Enriched by Labor :: Socio Ditata Labore
97 maps so far this year…
Stadium category added
Dodgers Stadium Quilt – 2006
Dodgers Stadium Quilt – 2004
Columbia Quilt #2
Columbia Quilt
San Antonio Quilt #2
San Antonio Quilt
RFK Quilt #3
Eastern Market Quilt #3
Special elections are today…
MacArthur Maze Quilt
65% of Global Terrorism is in Iraq
Capitol Hill Mandala, draft #2
1,423 maps now greet visitors
University of Southern California Quilt #2
University of Southern California Quilt
Park Circle Quilt – Interactive
Park Circle Quilt
Vermont Avenue Sprocket
profiled by Iconoculture
San Antonio Sprocket #2
San Antonio Sprocket
Columbine Quilt
over-projection after three derivatives
Oakland Quilt #5
Oakland Quilt #4
Oakland Quilt #3
Oakland Quilt #2
Oakland Quilt
Roll Call’s Photo of the Week features the DC Colonist
Voting Rights March Recap
D.C. Voting Rights March…
Ladd’s Addition Quilt
notes on the experiment one month in..
Capitol Hill Mandala, first draft
taking a few days off…
Fun with MyGoogleMaps…
Featured today in Directions Magazine’s Newsletter
What a difference a year (and an internationally syndicated story) makes!
Quilt of Charleston South Carolina
The Masked Mapmaker
Home Quilt #6
Home Quilt #5
Comparative Meta-Data of the USGS Orthoimagery of Washington, DC – 2002 / 2005
OSCE Finds US Government Violates Human Rights
The White House is Off-Limits to the Public: An Exploration of Censorship’s Perimeter
Changing the World
The U.S. Capitol is Off-Limits to the Public: An Exploration of Censorship’s Perimeter
On the map, off the wall
Map proves Portuguese discovered Australia
Tom Davis Supports Statehood?
4 years ago today…
THE GEOCOLONIAL SLOTS – Match 3 for Statehood!
Hic sunt dracones!
Interactive Inequality #3
“Here Be Dragons” syndicated
Interactive Inequality #2
top 100 downloaders in the last 5 days
American Stereography #3
RSS feeds the hungry & poor
American Stereography #2
American Stereography #1
the number one question people have asked…
Here Be Dragons by David Montgomery
Interactive Inequality
Lost in America’s Last Colony
The Lost Series
random banners now greet you
Denver Mandala
Philly Mandala #2
Houston Mandala
Taking a break for bit…
Censored today in theMail…
A periodic shift in Polar Roses for Valentines Day
The New DC Flag…if HR 328 passes…
my on-line store is now operational
Take 1/3 of a day off work for 1/3 Representation
Submitted Today: Cathedral Quilt – Signed [Web Biennial 07]
Over 500 Maps in 1000 days…
a psychogeographical experiment in neogeography
Submitted Today: Park La Brea Quilt #3 [New Media Art Competition]
Cities & Nature – My first book cover
Worst march route ever…
Polar Coordinates of the Delmar Loop in University City, Missouri [icositetragon]
Polar Coordinates of Harvard University [dodecagon]
Polar Coordinates of the George Washington University [octagon]
Polar Coordinates of the Super Dome in New Orleans, Louisiana [hexagon]
Polar Coordinates of Charleston, West Virginia [diamond]
Polar Coordinates of Austin, Texas [square]
Austin Quilt #2
Austin Quilt
the future past
new year, new direction?
Tessellations of Time: A 2006 Recap
taking a holiday break
Who is still getting screwed?
Answering a question from September
Baton Rouge Quilt – An Oil Refinery Reflection
San Diego Quilt #2
Indiana GIS Newsletter – December 2006
San Diego Quilt
Park La Brea Quilt #3
Park La Brea Quilt #2
Park La Brea Quilt
Sacramento Quilt #2
Sacramento Quilt
Third of representation a start, but not enough
Advice from Banksy
Temporal Stereography of Schiller Park, Illinois
Meridian Hill Park Mask
The #2 Political Party in Washington, DC
Temporal Diptych of Schiller Park, Illinois – 2005
Temporal Diptych of Schiller Park, Illinois – 2002
Icositetragon of Northwestern Station in Chicago
The New DC License Plate.. if H.R. 5388 passes
Golden Gate Park Quilt – East
Golden Gate Park Quilt – Center
Golden Gate Park Quilt – West
Financial District Quilt of San Francisco
Grant Park Quilt
Bangkok Mandala
Washington Highlands Quilt #3
Washington Highlands Quilt #2
Washington Highlands Quilt
Alexandria Quilt – West #2 (1st Derivative)
Alexandria Quilt – West
Alexandria Quilt – East
Alexandria Quilt – Central
Bethesda Quilt #2
Bethesda Quilt
Indianapolis Quilt #2
Indianapolis Quilt
10,000 hits on 10/10
The end of 25 revolutions…
Blogged about…
On Page Two of the Washington Examiner
New Directions
the world is you, a fashion experiment
Dennis Hastert’s Office 3 Years ago… yesterday
A Degraded Mask of Meridian Hill Park
Photos from North, South, East, Westminster
Is the DC Colonist a Netscape Celebrity?
I know you are, but what am I?
Thank You!
Come one, Come all….
Rain & Remorse
A Partial Setup – Still Looks Like Rain….
Check back at 3pm on Sunday for the final word!
Plan a scenic drive… says Weather dot com
Al-Jazeera VS. CNN on Banksy’s show in LA
Salt Lake Tribune covers the D.C. Colonist
ABC 7 Covers the D.C. Colonist…
The DC Colonist is in a Scripts Howard wire report
North, South, East, Westminster
Williamsburg Quilt #2
Williamsburg Quilt
Lower Manhattan Quilt #2
Lower Manhattan Quilt
Central Park Quilt – North #2
Central Park Quilt – North
Central Park Quilt – South #2
Central Park Quilt – South
Cheyenne Quilt #2
Cheyenne Quilt
University of South Florida Quilt with Clouds
University of South Florida Quilt
Donations to the Library of Congress Geography & Mapping Division
An Interchange in Omaha
8 Wards on the Wall
Hospital for Horses & Dogs
Portsmouth Quilt #3
Portsmouth Quilt #2
Portsmouth Quilt
UCLA Quilt #5
UCLA Quilt #4
UCLA Quilt #3
UCLA Quilt #2
UCLA Quilt
Bismarck Quilt #2
Bismarck Quilt
Infinite Delmar Loop #2
Infinite Delmar Loop
Gimmicky Green Party Google Maps
Tucson Arizona recap
invited again?
Woodley Park Quilt #2
Woodley Park Quilt
off by 2 minutes
Howard University Quilt #2
Howard University Quilt
American University Quilt #2
American University Quilt
my internets are down
San Juan Quilt #2
San Juan Quilt
Wilmington Quilt #2
Wilmington Quilt
Charleston Quilt #2
Quilt of Charleston West Virginia
Park City Quilt
Only, in America
Israel / Palestine 1993
7 are being framed…
Cathedral Quilt – Signed
Park City Quilt, phase one
Tea Time…
106 Maps in 2004
Starscape Animations
Nikolas Schiller in Arabic
new layout needed
2006 Green Party National Meeting
Animations for Starscape
Taxation Without Representation Google Map
2 Tone DC Outline Tile
Meet SloMo the Statehood Snail
2 Tone Stencils of Washington, DC
Jefferson City Quilt #2
Jefferson City Quilt
You are here #2
You Are Here #1
Georgetown University Quilt
blogging break
RFK Quilt #2
RFK Quilt
Mount Pleasant Quilt #3
Columbia Heights Quilt #3
Columbia Heights Quilt #2
Columbia Heights Quilt
Mount Pleasant Quilt #2
Mount Pleasant Quilt
C.I.A. Quilt #2
C.I.A. Quilt
Rosslyn Quilt #2
Rosslyn Quilt
Pentagon Quilt #2
Pentagon Quilt
Raleigh Quilt
Dallas Quilt #3
Farewell Grandpa
Dallas Quilt #2
Dallas Quilt
Google Map Blog Entry Mashups – DC & America
Tucson Quilt #2
Tucson Quilt
Cincinnati Quilt #2
U Street: The Corridor Is Cool Again
Cincinnati Quilt
Pittsburgh Quilt #3
Pittsburgh Quilt #2
Pittsburgh Quilt
Wichita Quilt #2
Wichita Quilt
Albuquerque Quilt #2
Albuquerque Quilt
Montgomery Quilt #2
Montgomery Quilt
Lincoln Nebraska Quilt #2
Lincoln Nebraska Quilt
Jackson Quilt #2
Jackson Quilt
Bloomington Quilt #2
Bloomington Quilt
beating them to the map
Pierre Quilt #2
Pierre Quilt
Nashville Quilt #3
Nashville Quilt #2
Nashville Quilt
Louisville Quilt #2
Louisville Quilt
Boise Quilt #2
Boise Quilt
Augusta Quilt #2
Augusta Quilt
Anchorage Quilt #2
Anchorage Quilt
Lincoln Park Quilt #2
Lincoln Park Quilt
Eastern Market Quilt #2
Eastern Market Quilt
Ciudad Paso Quilt #3
Ciudad Paso Quilt #2
Ciudad Paso Quilt
Union Station Quilt #2
Union Station Quilt
Convention Center Quilt #2
Convention Center Quilt
In Chicago…
Catholic University Quilt #2
Catholic University Quilt
Harvard Quilt – NE
Harvard Quilt – NW
Little Rock Quilt #2
Little Rock Quilt
Good Hope Quilt #3
Good Hope Quilt #2
Good Hope Quilt
Green Jews campaign against party‰Ûªs Israel divestment resolution
The Water Cone
Atlanta Quilt #3
Atlanta Quilt #2
Atlanta Quilt
Helena Quilt #2
Helena Quilt
Waikiki Quilt #2
Waikiki Quilt
Las Vegas – 1st Derivative
Las Vegas Quilt #2
Las Vegas Quilt
Detroit Quilt #2
Detroit Quilt
Grant Circle Quilt #2
Grant Circle Quilt
Chicago Quilt #3
Chicago Quilt #2
Chicago Quilt
Redlands Quilt – 1st Derivative
Star of Redlands – 1st Derivative Quilt
Redlands Quilt #2
Redlands Quilt
Star of Redlands
Oklahoma City Quilt #2
Oklahoma City Quilt
Seattle Quilt #2
Seattle Quilt
Washington Monument Quilt
Los Angeles Quilt
I won a Young Artists Program Award!
Saint Louis Quilt – First Derivative (#3)
Saint Louis Quilt #2
Saint Louis Quilt
Still a sorry state of the union….
Portland Quilt #3
Portland Quilt #2
Portland Quilt
Home Quilt #4
Home Quilt #3
Home Quilt #2
Home Quilt
Meridian Hill Park Quilt – 1st Derivative #2
Meridian Hill Park Quilt – 1st Derivative
Meridian Hill Park Quilt
Philly Mandala
Philly Quilt #2
Philly Quilt
Experiments with Territories: Post Cartographic Map Design II
Denver Quilt #2
Minneapolis Quilt #2
Miami Lenz
Miami Quilt #2
Miami Quilt
Lincoln Memorial Quilt #2
Dupont Circle Quilt #2
122 maps in 2005
Salt Lake City Quilt with Clouds – Animated
Salt Lake City Quilt with Clouds
up next
DC Area Farmers Markets
Salt Lake City Quilt
Salt Lake City Scaled Quilt
Mission Dolores Quilt #2
Happy Saturnalia!
Mission Dolores Quilt
The Quilt Project is now searchable by geometry
Houston Quilt 2
Houston Quilt
Providence Quilt
Lincoln Memorial Quilt
a visit from dhs
®Earth – Our Earth – You Register?
Blue Marble Beauty #2
Let’s meet here
Blue Marble Beauty
Anthony & I like maps!
Warning! – a bitter pill to swallow
Adam Eidinger vs. the Expert – CNN January 2003
Cultural Caucus?
La Haine – tonight
DC Department of the Environment
Star of Marquette High School
Star of Woodson High School
The Everywhere Man Award
Star of the George Washington University
Beverly Hills Quilt #4
I was elected!
Beverly Hills Quilt #3
1 year later
Beverly Hills Quilt #2
Beverly Hills Quilt
Maryland Heights Quilt
My World 66
December Green Party Meeting
Marquette High School Quilt
transit recap
off to Ann Arbor
GWU Quilt #4
GWU Quilt #3
GWU Quilt #2
GWU Quilt
Dupont Circle Quilt
Wal-Mart Media Recon
Union Newswire
USDA, where is your organic?
Wal – Monster
latin quote of the week…
Brown Bag Series
come one, come all!
ISO – La Haine
Found Geospatial Art
Woodson High School Quilt
Go Mom!
I live in the District of the 42nd State, sorta
Schiller For City Council…
Algerian Independence
define: post-modern
Abstract George W. Bush
My Eulogy to Rosa Parks
Star Series – BETA
Taking Google Earth to a new level
Civic Footprint
post-modern cartography
Finally I got to meet Cindy Sheehan
White House Mandala
Adams Morgan Lenz #2
Me, Maui, Mall Mandala
Adams Morgan Mandala
Adams Morgan Lenz
Jefferson Sparks
DC Blogs-spot
Boxes of Jefferson
Karl Rove’s Leaky Protection…
Confluence Project meets Google Earth
39 degrees North, 77 degrees West – My first Confluence
Localized Self-Portrait #2
Janus Series
seeds of change
It’s Up – Check it Out!
Sensors Spatial Analysis of Tularemia on the National Mall
My first gallery submission
Knot the National Mall
Adams Morgan – White House Quilt
Ball of Destruction
dude, where is your blog?
Superdome Quilt 1st Derivative #2
poem: It’s gettin hotter in here
Bay Saint Louis Quilt
America Supports You, “Freedom Walk”
Bay Saint Louis Bridge – Before & After
Superdome Quilt – 1st Derivative
Superdome Quilt
Abstract Katrina
Katrina Quilt
U St. SW
U St. SE
U St. NW
U St. NE
my next project…
Georgetown Quilt #4
Georgetown Quilt #3
USDA Organic Bodycare – Victory!
Adams Morgan Quilt
Washington Monument Zoom
DC Stencil
N Prague (or Z Prague)
Prague Quilt
White House Warp – geospatial animation
Change in DC imagery in Google’s servers
Baghdad Imagery change in Google Earth
Buena Park Mandala
Boston Mandala
Boston Quilt
Minneapolis Sunrise
Boston Volcano
I am featured in the Green Party’s “Green Pages”
Mall Mountain
Off to Greenville, SC!
Maps of where DC residents voted Statehood Green
White House Sunset
Georgetown Quilt #2
Buena Park Quilt 2
Buena Park Quilt
Ballwin Quilt
atomic visions
Quilt of Guinea-Bissau
The Washington National Cathedral Mandala
MSN Virtual Earth is here
Gentile eh?
I’m off google
Google’s Gone “Hybrid”
The Washington National Cathedral Lenz
Google this yo
Ballwin Mandala
More DC prints
Why did I find this?
Google Earth review
I am mentioned in the Northwest Current
Ballwin Lenz #2
International Body Backs Vote for D.C.
OSCE Parliamentary Assembly adopts Washington Declaration
Map of American Casualties
Redacted Flag
Censorship on the 4th of July
Examiner Coverage of our OSCE Maritime Lobbying Effort
We’ve got the support-
Lady Liberty on a quilt of the Pearl River Delta
The first DC Democracy Naval Battle
Out of Committee
LibertŽ, ŽgalitŽ, fraternitŽ – OSCE
Sway with me
Google Earth is here!
Bike Stolen!
the entire universe!
OSCE Rally Friday!
DC Mandala
Support Our Ribbons!
should I or should I not?
How many Greens are there in the EU Parliament?
Baltimore Mandala Animated
Baltimore Mandala
Reasons to be a vegetarian
Ganges Mandala
Lights Out~!
accelerated Administration planning for the Iraq War
Blog Update
Jefferson Mandala – 2nd derivative
favorite rendering yet!
911 Mandala
Another cool geographer…
Jefferson Mandala
Mall Quilt
Jefferson Lenz
Baltimore Lenz #3
Baltimore Lenz #2
DC City Council Passes OSCE Resolution
quote of the day
Georgetown Lenz #2
party hoppin’
The Blue Marble
Georgetown Lenz
Cook these books!
Georgetown Quilt
note about screenshots
Ask Jeeves….
U.S. Naval Observatory Lenz #2
prints are a coming!
What Bush Really Means….
CSNA revisited
DC Renderings
String of DC
3/5’s compromise
S. Capitol or RFK
string of…
violation of dignity
Moving without moving
Store Wars
Careers Day at Overlook Elementary School
p3 continued…
My first corporate commission
Cessna Analysis – revisited
Cessna Analysis
World Wind of change
DC Colonists video clip
geographic dimensions of spam
Why Go to Georgia?
Downing Street Memo
Happy Orgasm Day
GPS nabs another one…
DC Lenz #4
The Insular American
The Quilt Project / Minneapolis Quilt
Ivan Memory
On Adbusters Magazine’s Website
Bush’s Bitch stands up to be heard
Doomsayers Say Benedict Fits World End Prophecy
Warning Shots Video
DC Memory
San Francisco Memory revisited
GWU Memory
DC Jammers
Green Week 2K5
prometheus & aquarius
Jung & Mandala
remotely seeing old documents (again!)
Denver Recap
Off to Denver!
Ballwin Lenz
The D.C. Colonist makes his baseball debut!
meds for meds
DCist Covers the Colonist
usgs quake assessment
DC Colonists – Flyer & Press Release
The Modern Geographer
The Inaugural Map Recap
Two Years Ago today…
Washington Monument Lenz
Baltimore Lenz
Star of Baltimore
the Receipt Deceit
Abstract Baltimore
save RFK!
Jesus, your house smells!
new visitors
A Very Green Saint Patrick’s Day
GITA in Denver
Baltimore World Trade Center…
The D.C. Colonist in the Washington Post
The Colonist in the Post
GeoSpatial Art
San Francisco Memory
Minneapolis Memory
3 weeks of Brussels
Weekend Retreat!
the world in 7200 seconds
gaia theory
More Bush than you ever want to see…
Preamble to the treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe
Two guests from Brussels in two weeks
September 3rd, 1967 – what have we learned?
bible verse of the day
DC Molecule
The Journey
Google Maps!
DC Lenz #3
price of liberation
Star of Europe
Old Blog Entries Added
Dirty War
joke of the day
Star of Denver
GIS on menu
Way to go Jess & Jeanne
activism pays
Battle of the Interactive Inaugural Maps
Inaugural Recap intro
Maui Recap
Star of the Middle East #2
Maui Sunset
sitting on the Digital Bus
Inaugural Map on
Mother Earth #4
Logan’s Ovaries
Quake Angel
counter-inaugural counter intel #4
Nationals Press Conference Redux
counter-inaugural counter-intel #3
counter-inaugural counter intel #2
sixth sense
Good Friday & Christmas Day?
counter-inaugural counter intel?
Signs of the Time,
Way to go Holly!
Secret Santa
climate change…. feel it
U.S. Naval Observatory Lenz
The Inaugural Map & January 6th
The Inaugural Map
times are a changin’
council member fun
new GIS of my hood
Chills Mississippi
one year ago today…
Star of DC
damn the man
Arrested Developments
Blogging from the Middle East
Mother Earth #3
Mother Earth #2
Mother Earth Animation
Things to do before the Inauguration
Graham’s Reply
Adbusters on CNN
Mother Earth #1
My letter to Councilmember Graham
Back in the belly of the Beast
Abstract Saint Louis
Star of Saint Louis
Abstract Brussels
Abstract DC
Abstract Netherlands
Star of Brussels
Star of Ganges River Delta
Careers in Geography Project Coordinator
back at it..
Star of Bissau
Star of the Mississippi River Delta
Mississippi Delta Reflection Balls
Election Night Fun
I climbed these…
middle east reflection
DC Lenz #2
to bizzy to blog
Congress Passes District’s Budget
It’s Official….
its a happy bomb
1,000 Coffins
a Great B.A.D. Day
B.A.D. Day Schedule
B.A.D. Day is tomorrow
Ivan from above
The Daily Show on the Daily Render
render radio
B.A.D. Day Call to Action!
new style
its warming up
cats in the bag
Greenzone #5
welcome to the greenzone
party on down
a full friday
bizzy bizzy
you a size large, not extra large
only 10%
primary & adams morgan day
200 megapixels – wtf!
True Cost Organic
Namib Desert
more morning notes
past papers
morning notes
U Street Safety
DO’s & DON’Ts
SETI @ Home
embedded hurricane reporters
protestor at the rnc & climate change
pearl earring
its starting to get B.A.D.
Brussels- again
what next?
“I don’t think you can win it”
too eager
ride ride ride
the RNC…
thank you usgs
The Lenz Project
the daily render
money troubles
power struggle
lucklaster lenz
banner drop recap
the double use of satellite images…
very interesting
mmmm, food
..still fasting..
fasting fun
Brussels & the American Candidate
version 3.0
Eartheye Monrovia
hubris update…
coast to coast pride or humility?
My My My Missouri
the true cost paradigm
and so begins the “eye in the sky” project
terrible beauty
wow …its really finished… for now
Campaign “street party”
Olympic Space Rings 2004
Are they really helping the poor?
Washington Post: Red, White and Golden Arches: The Star-Spangled Banner Ad
Two new “projects”
finished…for now!
Code Pink Pentagon
Vatican @ 3200X2400
911 F
In Lafayette Park
Adam 4 Shadow
Word Press
E St. Risk Analysis
GWU Bhangra Blowout Logo
Beat It
“Beat It” Kiosk Video
Spiral Fun
Band of Metal
new years
CDs for presents
Back to Saint Louis
“Bad Santa”
Bush’s comments
Fake Journalists
Happy Holiday E-Card
i see bush
In Adbusters Magazine Issue #51 – The Buy Nothing Day Blackspot
Buy Nothing Day 2003
Bush’s Veteran’s Day Speech – Tweaked
Free Beats
Free Beats Flyer
Nyquist: a success
Nyquist flyer
Nyquist Flyer
Article on Friendster for DC Indymedia
Director of the Electronic Music Department
db – Decibel
Buzz returns
super senior
Prototype Wind Turbine
Funnel Fits
Jay’s Frozen Custard
Total Home Solutions
STLjl arrow
AOL News
Jay’s Frozen Custard
Back to Saint Louis
The Journey
Saint Louis Junglist League
Finals Recap
One week left in DC
synchrondeity strikes again
Time has changed us…
Television, the Drug of the Nation
Done with Yoga
Vivid Dreams
Another Long Day…
No Sleep
Daily Recap
Summer in Colorado
TV Turnoff Week
Weekend Recap
Critical Mass – “Cars”
The Universe
Time has changed
You Can’t Go Home Again
“best single action by a single person”
Solitary Die-In before the invasion
The Recycling Room
Solitary Protest Recap
Personal Account w/ Photos of J18 Protest
Think Before You Buy – products by Philip Morris
I am in the Saint Louis Post Dispatch!
Spin Spin Spin
My first GIS
God Bliss America
What are you doing looking here?
Redacted Name
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